SUMMER CAMP - Frequently Asked Questions

When is Camper's Drop Off and Pick Up?
Drop off for Summer Camp is on Monday's from 3PM -- 5PM in the Coffee Shop. Pick Ups will be on Friday's at 12PM in the coffee shop! Don't forget, sign your kiddos out!

Are adults allowed to come to the services? 
We are inviting all parents/guardians to join us for the Friday morning service starting at 9:30AM in our pavilion. Then join us for camper's baptisms following immediately after.  Don't forget the Cup of Joe Café; grab a hot or iced latte.

What do we need to pack?
Click HERE to see our packing list.

What is Camp's dress code?
Camp's Dress Code - GIRLS, please no mid-drifts, full coverage shorts, and one piece swimsuits or tankinis. BOYS, please no  Speedo style swimwear and full coverage shorts. *See packing list for additional details! 

Can I request a roommate?
Absolutely!  In the sign up process there will be a place to add the campers parents email.  After the other camper registers you will be roomies with your bestie!

Are boys and girls in the same cabin?    
Um, NOPE! They are not even allowed to visit.  We also assign cabins according to the campers age, so your camper will be with other campers their age.

What activities do you offer?
Some of our activities include:  Archery Range, Pellet Rifle Range, Gel Blaster Battle Arena, Canoeing, Swimming at Fanning Springs, the Blob, Fishing, Basketball, Sand volleyball, Gaga Pit, and Swimming in the pool.

How much money should I put on my campers "Camp card"? 
That is entirely up to you.  We often suggest $25.oo to start with.  You can always add funds for your camper's card later.  If you have $5.00 or more left on the card at the end of camp, your camper can request a refund. Any balances under $5.00 will be considered a donation to the camp.

What kind of food do you serve?
We strive to have "kid friendly"meals. For breakfast our meals are usually hot and include scrambled eggs, bacon and more. A few examples of our meals are tacos, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, or hamburgers.   We have healthy snacks always available as well as water and Gatorade, but if your camper gets the hankerin' for a Coke or candy bar, the "Watering Hole" will be open throughout the day!

What about food allergies?
If your child has a food allergy, please be sure to include that in their camp registration information. If you would like, you may also contact Camp Anderson Anchored office at 833-324-6446.