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Camp Anderson Anchored presents Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. In order to maintain our representation of a number of different Christian Churches in the body of Christ we focus on our relationship with Christ and others rather than promote any particular denominational issue. Speaking in tongues, healing, prophesying, baptism, administering of the Sacraments and other doctrinal issues are a part of the Christian experience for many people, however, Camp Anderson Anchored chooses not to focus on them but on the basics of the Gospel of Christ.

Campus Staff Policies

As a camp counselor and leader, you will be accountable to other camp counselors and Camp Anderson Anchored staff. Being in a leadership role with CAA your life will be an example to others. If you are found being involved in a lifestyle that does not align with CAA’s Campus Staff Policies, it means that you will need to step down from your leadership position with Camp Anderson Anchored. Since members of this faith-based community have voluntarily chosen to be a member of staff, all staffers are obligated to a code of scriptural and community standards and behavior. As a Christ-follower and member of the community of Camp Anderson Anchored, I will:
● Practice the spiritual disciplines—regular reading of God’s Word, prayer, etc.
● Understand that regular attendance at church services is expected
● Pursue integrity and practice professional ethics
● Adhere to guidelines of dress code
● Respect the dignity of all persons and highly value the diversity of the body of Christ
● Respect the rights and property of others
● Discourage bigotry, slander, and gossip among the members of the community and will refuse to engage in such behavior
● Refrain from the possession, use or distribution of beverage alcohol (except for communion), marijuana, or other intoxicants either on or off campus
● Refrain from the possession, use or distribution of tobacco products either on or off campus
● Refrain from the possession, use or distribution of illegal substances and the abuse or illegal use of legal substances, including prescription and over-the-counter medications either on or off campus
● Refrain from all sexually immoral behavior including: premarital sex; adultery; lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender behavior; and involvement with pornography in any form. (Biblical marriage consists only of a faithful, heterosexual union between one genetic male and one genetic female, and biblical marriage is the only legitimate and acceptable context for a sexual relationship)
● Demonstrate compassion for others and a passion for the lost as a representative of Christ